Honey bee Farming

Royal Farms Ltd. Farm was established with the purpose of processing of raw honey obtained from honey combs into high quality edible grade honey, but has now diversified into manufacturing of beekeeping equipment like honey processing plant, bee hives, honey extractors, smokers, protective clothing, pollen traps, grafting needles etc.

Royal Farms Ltd. Honeybee Farm has also originated two innovative new beehives: the Vertical Partition Two Colony Hive and the Combination Queen Rearing Nucleus and Comb Honey Hive. we are produces nucleus hives (nucs), brood, queen cells, queens, honey, and pollination services. Our bees are mite resistant but also mild mannered, winter hardy, and good producers. Our honey is also mild mannered. Our sweet soils produce a light colored, mild flavored honey that people really like.

Our goal is to develop bees that show low levels of both Varroa and Nosema.